Free Tailwind POS App

Free Tailwind POS App

Tailwind POS is a POS (Point of Sales) application built with Tailwind.css and Alpine.js. I create this application in order to exercise myself to build web application in “traditional” way, without any module bundler/build tools such as webpack, rollup, postcss, etc. Thanks to Emsifa for sharing awesome freebie. Author Emsifa File Type .html .css Requires Tailwind More Detail … Read more

500+ Free Tailwind Elements

Free Tailwind Elements

Tailwind Elements is a plugin that extends the functionality of the library with many interactive components. In some dynamic components (like dropdowns or modals) we add Font Awesome icons and custom JavaScript. However, they do not require any additional installation, all the necessary code is always included in the example and copied to any Tailwind project. Author … Read more

Simple Light – Free Tailwind Landing Page Template

Simple Light - Free Tailwind Landing Page Template

Simple Light is a free landing page template built on top of TailwindCSS and fully coded in React. Simple light is designed to provide all the basic components a developer need to create a landing page for SaaS products, online services, and more. Use it for whatever you want, and be sure to reach us out on Twitter if … Read more

Vue Notus – Free Tailwind CSS UI Kit and Admin

Vue Notus - Free Tailwind CSS UI Kit and Admin

Notus is Free Tailwind CSS and VueJS UI Kit and Admin. It features multiple HTML and VueJS elements and it comes with dynamic components for VueJS. It is based on Tailwind Starter Kit by Creative Tim, and it is build with both presentation pages, and pages for an admin dashboard. Speed up your web development with a … Read more